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Dr Robyn Lewis" says to have Celtic players compete in a GB football team would be the thin end of the wedge, I agree with him and furthermore, I would like to point out that the rest of the Celtic athletes are already in the thick end of the wedge and winners are expected to stand stiffly to the Union Jack and God Save the Queen, God help us.
Mr Jones told Cardiff Crown Court: "They sat chatting on a seat but suddenly he turned from being friendly to being hostile, produced what they thought was the thick end of a fishing rod and said 'you are being mugged'.
Both sides have failed to agree how to tackle debts, now reaching the thick end of pounds 9TrIllIon.
In some ways Britain's largest local authority finds itself ahead of the game as it heads into the third year of a business transformation programme which, whatever detractors might claim, is already delivering pounds 60 million of savings per annum and should eventually provide the thick end of pounds 900 million.
Each time you start a new strand of vine, place the thick end along the weakest part of the wreath.
Polytechnic Institute suggested in the Journal of Chemical Education that definitive proof might require an instruction book written in the Middle Ages advising glaziers to install glass panes with the thick end at the bottom.
Slice fillet until you reach the thick end and pieces become too short for large slices.
Why would I voluntarily pull out when it has cost me the biggest pay day of my life, the thick end of PS30,000, just a month or so before Christmas?
IF you are seeking a quietly efficient quality car and happen to be able to lay your hands on the thick end of PS50,000 then the latest GS 450h Sports Saloon from Lexus is luxury personified.
The thick end of 20,000 people will be rammed into Kempton and well over a million will watch on television as three of the winter kings - Long Run, Kauto Star and Master Minded - do battle for the mastery.
Both sides have failed to agree how to tackle debts,now reaching the thick end of pounds 9TRILLION.
Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton's Michael Rimmer has rested up since an injuryhampered run at the British Grand Prix a fortnight ago and with a qualifying time already banked, will just need to finish at the thick end of a stacked 800m field to bank a place at his third World Championships.