the unforeseen

See: bombshell
References in classic literature ?
I was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous shoals if I could only have change -- change and the excitement of the unforeseen.
Starting at the unforeseen concluding exclamation of the so suddenly scornful old man, Stubb was speechless a moment; then said excitedly, I am not used to be spoken to that way, sir; I do but less than half like it, sir.
Welcome the unforeseen," he says again, by way of a counsel of perfection in the matter of culture, "but give to [35] your life unity, and bring the unforeseen within the lines of your plan.
We find it impossible to avoid mistakes even in determining who has committed a single criminal act, and the problem how far a man is to be held responsible for the unforeseen consequences of his own deed is one that might well make us tremble to look into it.
The Unforeseen Occurrence: A True Story is tale of a man who became lost in the alluring and all-consuming bustle of the fast life, and then became afflicted with a medically catastrophic event.
Although receiving commentary on the issue, the IRS chose not to include marriage, bankruptcy of the taxpayer's employer (not resulting in the loss of the taxpayer's employment) and adoption, as specific-event sate harbors under the unforeseen circumstances exception.
121-3T(b)(5), one key requirement to qualify for the unforeseen circumstances exception is that the circumstances that gave rise to the residence sale or exchange were not reasonably foreseeable when the taxpayer began using the property as a personal residence.

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