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To help get this concept off the ground, the Winds of Change team has planned and launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $7,000.
The action you pursue will depend largely on your assessment of the severity of the winds of change and the degree to which you tolerate job uncertainty.
The Winds of Change conference was an opportunity for Solomon Islanders to explore ways of healing their nation, and to restore personal and public integrity after years of ethnic conflict.
On the high seas, maritime trade is feeling the winds of change, and Latin America is no exception.
From the probable fates of ancient societies suddenly demolished or moved to mounting evidence that such changes have been serial killers in human civilization's history, THE WINDS OF CHANGE holds some thoughtful implications for us all, blending science and history in an absorbing text.
The naga challenged; Southeast Asia in the winds of change.
Will the next pope be a continuation of the current Vatican bureaucracy and its focus or will the winds of change blow into that church?
Charles should know that the winds of change are in the air and he might find himself out of a job with no brains to get another one.
Elsewhere, the winds of change continued to blow through the Valleys with Plaid Cymru's rule coming to an end in Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taf as the electorate reverted to Labour.
What usually happens when you make the mistake of stagnating is that the winds of change blow the competition ahead and leave you ducking for cover.
The winds of change are blowing in Mexico City; the prospects for reducing the city's tragic congestion and air pollution--which ranks among the worst in the world, with particulate concentrations running at about double the World Health Organization's recommendations--may have improved slightly this year.