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When the Mass becomes the celebration it should be, the young will return because, believe me, they know how to celebrate.
Following the young man known as 47 on his journey to freedom, Mosley brilliantly captures the anguish of slavery and the magic of hope.
The AICPA has launched the Young CPA Network in an effort to address the needs of and support for young professionals.
THE young black man hesitated as he stood outside the small furniture manufacturing shop in South Los Angeles.
What will be the enduring messages and legacy of John Paul II on the young people who consider themselves to be part of the "John Paul II Generation"?
She analyzes the young female writer of the 1950s, who wrote with a shocking sexual frankness and who was sometimes the creation of male publishers intent on bringing new marketing strategies to French publishing.
5) Created in 1987, the Young Men's Clinic is the only facility in the city specifically tailored to address the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescent and young adult men, and has been recognized for many years as an important model of the delivery of community-based health care services to young males.
Edwards whose treatise on library services to teens, The Fair Garden and the Swarm of Beasts; The Library and the Young Adult (1969) was revised and reprinted in 1974 and again with a new foreword by Patty Campbell in 1994.
To educate the young women and encourage them to value financial independence, the finalists toured the New York Stock Exchange and an esolutions company.
Thanks to a partnership recently forged between the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (Youth Business), the Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre (NOTC) and the Young Entrepreneurs of Thunder Bay YETB, aspiring young entrepreneurs in Thunder Bay have easier access to the funding necessary to start up their own businesses.
The Young Dancer section in Dance Magazine his reflected the changing times and experiences of three generations of young dancers -- from the Dance Troupers of the 1930s and forties and the growing independence young dancers in the fifties and sixties to the internationalization or and computer literacy of dancers in the nineties.