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In the first chapter, he deftly weaves together Sugimoto's movie theaters, Cindy Sherman's film stills, and Jeff Walls's Movie Audience, 1979, to argue cogently that these artists were investigating theatricality in cinema in a way that cinema itself cannot.
One impression left by Romantic Theatricality is how wide-ranging the forms and effects of theatricality can be, from high tragedy to newspaper puffery, from myth-making to money-making, from harlots to fairies.
His trust in the king's ability to interpret the procession correctly and the manipulation inherent in the use of this ambiguity give the event its aspect of theatricality.
From its earliest broadcasts the theatricality of wrestling effectively translated to television, and today wrestling ranks among the highest-rated cable programs week after week, which has helped establish pay-per-view as a legitimate and viable form of the medium," said David Bushman, television curator for The Museum of Television & Radio.
Worldly stage; theatricality in seventeenth-century China.
What Limon had was unparalleled fluency in using the Humphrey-Weidman technique, a theatricality, and a gift for stylistic invention.
The problem of theatricality nowadays is, of course, different from the moment of its orthodox prohibition by Michael Fried after his unfortunate 1967 encounter with Minimalism, since the project of a neopositivist plasticity was a rather limited American aspiration, erroneously called modernism.
She pairs women's plays with those of their male contemporaries: thus, Mary Sidney's Antonie is read side by side with Kyd's Cornelia; a reading of Greville's Mustapha serves as a transition from Sidney to Elizabeth Cary's Tragedy of Mariam; Killigrew and Cavendish are thoughtfully read together as aristocratic exiles; and, in a brief but intriguing conclusion, Katherine Philips' accommodation of the stage and closet is contrasted with Milton's absolute rejection of theatricality.
Fitzgerald attributes Singin' in the Rain's appeal to gay folk to its heightened sense of theatricality and its subject of show business.
Despite its enviable proliferation, new Dutch housing often oscillates between Calvinist grimness and kooky theatricality.
Theatre Culture in American 1825-1860 understands theatricality to be more than a metaphor; instead, she argues that a sense of performance permeated antebellum America.