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In an essay of considerable intricacy, Berger follows through Louis Montrose's observation that the assertion of "theatricality as a universal condition of social life" (cited, 123) made available to all the techniques of the theatricalization of State power.
Yet the fact remained that scenery was regarded as an essential part of the theatricalization of dance.
8) This theatricalization of island life, and the revenue such displays afforded, did much to undermine the finely balanced culture of the St.
When we look back to such works, the congruency of Postminimalist and feminist stylistics grows ever more apparent: eccentric substances; gender-coded methods of sewing, skeining, and knitting; softness; theatricalization of private history; autobiographical narration.
This theatricalization of history painting, however, offered yet one more event of ideological ambivalence.
The chapter on Caravaggio, in this regard, is particularly incisive: it acknowledges the cogency of reading the paintings in light of a queer aesthetic, but it takes great pains to account in psychoanalytic terms for the anachronism of that mode of reading--not because Caravaggio could not have been "queer" or that depicting the homoerotic could not have been his intention (both alternatives are irrelevant to Hammill), but because the theatricalization of pictorial space characteristic of the artist figures forth a psychic void that both provokes and negates historical recognition of queer subjectivity.
Here was a totally new departure in the dance world, a new way of looking at folk dance and virtually standardizing its theatricalization for mass audiences, experiencing it usually in either vast auditoriums or in arenas.
At one level, such theatricalization lent a forgiving sense of intentionality to the slightly shambolic switchings of the timetable, interruptions, and interferences that plagued the three days, exposing the choreography of the organizational labor happening off the intellectual stage.
Both the theatricalization and the commodification of the supernatural represents a bifold attempt to reduce it to a position in a system in which commodities are given a relative value.
I want to claim that it means an impossible reading and impossible theatricalization of a text that acts out Blanchot's "Noli me legere" (Do not read me).
The polemical theatricalization of animosity is particularly apparent in Picabia's writings, most of which are now available in Marc Lowenthal's translation under the appropriate title I Am a Beautiful Monster: Poetry, Prose, and Provocation (MIT Press, 2007).
43) Cruse, Paussa, and Ragnard believe that this manuscript intentionally presents the theatricalization of the dramatic text by successfully incorporating actual details from a performance, especially music and props, into the manuscript.