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Like Marriage a la Mode, The Country Wife proves particularly revealing for the way it explicitly theatricalizes the relationship between erotic desire and social organization.
Julian's attempts at reviving the pagan Dionysian cults degenerate into ludicrously bad theater before cynical audiences, while his idealist attempt to make his imperial court into a model of the virtues theatricalizes the court and inevitably breeds the hypocritical flatteries to which the lonely Julian succumbs (208).
In effect, the veil worn by these young Muslim women in public school theatricalizes or disrupts the state school norms and the French principle of laicite.
And Doyle's directorial concept of having all the characters except Bobby make music together theatricalizes his emotional dilemma.
However, ever since the Province and Function of Law, his brilliant exegesis on stare decisis precisely displaces, carrricatures, dramatizes, and theatricalizes the scene of crime, as it were
In this as in several other passages, Uris refuses to flinch from raw violence, though in a few others (like Huxley's death scene) he theatricalizes it.