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Musical purists deplored the very notion of theatricalizing a composition so solemn in content and, they argued, complete in itself Others, offended perhaps by the title, hinted that the whole enterprise was opportunistic.
Another form of protest took the form of theatricalizing the same ideas represented in the processions.
Along with codirector Jane Jones, they have done a spectacular job of theatricalizing Irving's novel, a meditation on people's ambiguous feelings about babies--wanting them, not wanting them, having them and mistreating them, not having them and longing for them.
Between characters this "turning into spectacle" sometimes takes the form of theatricalizing, in Stanley Cavell's sense of the term.
Putting Lucy and Ricky et at on stage feels a bit like theatricalizing Mount Rush more, Sparks says: "I consider myself a 'Lucy' fan, but I have friends who live and breathe this stuff.
Laid on the otherwise unarticulated white ground, the finger-painted marks here take center stage, theatricalizing a kind of elemental will to communicate.
Leave it to writer-director Mary Zimmerman, so agile at theatricalizing ancient tales, to treat storytelling itself as an aphrodisiac.
O'Neill was refraining Greek myth, stealing from Expressionism and the new European avant-garde, and theatricalizing the depths of the unconscious.
Untitled (Djordje Ozbolt) confirms this criticism and takes it to a childish and parodic extreme, theatricalizing the visual experience with the addition of spotlights and special effects.
Given the experience of his Maria Callas play, "Master Class," writer Terrence McNally shouldn't come off like a bumbling novice at theatricalizing a showbiz legend's life.
But Cal Rep doesn't seek to erase its surroundings: "We're acknowledging and celebrating that we're on a boat, and at the same time we're theatricalizing that.