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In North America, W2 releases acquired feature films theatrically and exploits DVD, VOD, digital, television and broadcast rights through output arrangements with Image Entertainment.
EPIX will have exclusive access to Paramount, Paramount Vantage, MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies released theatrically on or after January 1, 2008 and MGM, United Artists and Lionsgate titles released theatrically on or after January 1, 2009.
Witches, conjuring, and devilry were theatrically in fashion, but it is reductive to argue that necromancy must swallow up every character, from the Porter to Macbeth.
The Situation" will premier at the Landmark E Street Theater in Washington, DC on February 5 at 7:00pm and open theatrically on February 9 in the same location.
During his tenure at the small but theatrically alert company, he assembled a repertory of early twentieth-century Americana like Agnes de Mille's Fall River Legend and Eugene Loring's Billy the Kid, and mounted nationally praised reconstructions of Diaghilev-era works by choreographers like Bronislava Nijinska, including, in 1981, the first American production of Les Noces.
Vertical circulation moves theatrically around and through this void, connecting floors on alternating split levels at the front and rear of the house.
With the exception of one portrait, the photographs capture theatrically staged compositions in which, as in the films, the lavishly costumed figures stand out against backgrounds as diverse as industrial landscapes, craggy shorelines, and the green steppes of Outer Mongolia.
It's a wildly entertaining and theatrically unconventional clown show, and it's also a deeply personal essay from the soul of a young gay artist that never lapses into mawkish confessionalism.
The Company's first feature film, Bailey's Billion$, was released theatrically in North America on August 5, 2005 and is currently being distributed worldwide.
That one year allowed each movie to fully play out theatrically, gave them time to have two DVD releases each and for the previous movie to premiere on cable just in time for when the new movie was to play in theaters.
Theatrically side-lit by the billboard wall, the exhibition space extends the life of the building beyond the evening performances.
Daniela Rossell's repugnant yet alluring photographs of nouveaux riches theatrically posed in the tacky opulence of their homes expose a lack that gnaws at the heart of wealth.