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A" In just over five years, Theatrics has given Dubai six memorable productions, including 'Black Comedy', 'Ring Round the Moon', 'Art', 'The Mousetrap', 'The Bald Prima Donna' and 'The Lesson'.
Theatrics principal Nicky Wright said: "Jack is a dedicated student who works really hard in class and absorbs everything that is thrown at him and deserves this success.
Theatrics worthy of an Oscar, Maria Teresa sees the American as a pawn to manipulate her recalcitrant son to do his duty to his Duchy.
Nope, the most significant thing the new Hearts gaffer did last week was fine Ramon Pereira for his scandalous dive against Motherwell at Tynecastle and have a stern word with Patrick Kisnorbo for the theatrics that got him sent off against Schalke.
From classic British noir Get Carter through to The Croupier via the high camp theatrics of Flash Gordon, the 71-year-old film-maker is certainly a man who likes variation.
Seems organizational theatrics are back in vogue as a number of individuals are now lobbying in attempts to politicize skating.
Hugely entertaining, almost by sole virtue of Depp's idiosyncratic theatrics.
David Beckham's theatrics are well documented and now Cristiano Ronaldo has caught the bug, blown over by a stiff breeze in Stuttgart.
late of Warden Road in Sherwood, is in for another round of court theatrics.
Both "The Smith Family" and "Fenceline" cover topics that, in the wrong hands, could be exploited for the type of cheap theatrics that plague television documentaries: manipulative music, unusual camera angles, and choppy editing.
Such theatrics elude detection at the more quiescent wavelengths of visible light.
SBSC president Karen Kerrigan observed: "With the Microsoft trial getting back under way today, we can expect further theatrics from government lawyer David Boise.