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About ARK Investment Management Headquartered in New York City, ARK Investment Management is a registered investment adviser and privately held investment firm, specializing in thematic investing.
As is the custom, this thematic issue also includes non-thematic articles and, as it happens, the two contributions in this category, by Eric Windholz and Melanie Nolan, themselves constitute a mini-thematic of sorts--on the history of occupational health and safety regulation and accident compensation in Australia and New Zealand.
The care with which this volume has been assembled can be seen in the layout of the actual thematic incipits.
A primary goal of the research was to identify effective symbols for tactile thematic maps.
Since previous syntactic theories are inadequate, this article reexamines the incidence of thematic null subjects on the basis of new data from a variety of languages.
Thematic Links: Biographies--Deafness--Blindness--Sign Language
A fourth emergent thematic dimension uncovered in teacher reflections involved their changing understanding of feedback processes and assessment as tools for learning, planning, and decisionmaking.
Three input themes will be also the foundation for compilation of maps at different scales; however, individual the thematic layers will be different depending on the scale.
They cover quite a bit of other thematic territory as well.
He divides the volume into two parts: (1) an argument for his methodological approach and (2) a thematic exploration of the theology of the Bible.
Characterized by wide reading and the use of fresh primary materials excavated through admirable archival searching, the author brings forward his findings in two distinct chapters that follow on early chapters dedicated to thematic historiography and a setting of stages, the author turning in chapters three and four to what is new and previously inedited.
In addition to the articles in this issue, a selection of papers presented at the symposium has been jointly published in a thematic issue of the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, 5(2).