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DHO told that 10 days activities were under way of health convention and seminars, walks, thematic competition, photo exhibitions and other programs were being conducted.
We can apply thematic instruction to technology and engineering not only because it is a good idea, but it is also a proven educational model (Kovalick & Olsen, 1994).
The agreement is intended to consolidate Goldman Sachs' structured investment offerings and Motif Capital's systematic and transparent approaches to thematic investing.
QNRF overtime will drawdown the investments in open calls (non-thematic proposals) while simultaneously increasing investments in thematic calls," Pillai said.
They recommend the creation of broad thematic clusters grouping several commissioners and working under a Commission vice-president.
Thematic maps are cartographic representations of themes, such as population or income.
The rest of the sections illustrate the proposed methodology through the analysis of the preferred experiential elements selected as Thematic Head in three written genres.
In the face of problems with previous syntactic theories, this article (1) establishes a new concept relating to the incidence of null thematic pronouns, focusing on null thematic subjects.
Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction PreK to Grade 6
The concern for thematic routes has its beginnings after 1970, in the developed Western European countries.
Thematic Links: Biographies--Inventors--Telephone--Sound