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THEOCRACY. A species of government which claims to be immediately directed by God.
     2. La religion qui, dans l'antiquite, s'associa souvent au despotisms, pour regner. par son bras ou a son ombrage, a quelquefois tents de regner seule. Clest ce qu'elle appelait le regne de Dieu, la thiocratie. Matter, De l'influence des Moeurs sur les lois, et de l'influence dos Lois sur les moeurs, 189. Religion, which in former times, frequently associated itself with despotism, to reign, by its power, or under its shadow, has sometimes attempted to reign alone, and this she has called the reign of God, theocracy.

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The regime of the last Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was neither revolutionary nor theocratic.
And, that's why Pakistani theocratic, fascist military establishment, army, its savage agency ISI and Rangers (paramilitary forces) have imposed a ban on the JSMM and are practising ruthless barbaric torture against Sindhi political activists by abducting, enforced disappearing, torturing and killing them," he added.
An organisational chart of Iran's institutions looks like two complete systems, one democratic and another theocratic, mashed together.
Contract awarded for Middle theocratic 6 May 2016 Quote of the guide can purchase small food schoolmates announcement corrosion
Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Mostafavi Moosavi Khomeini, the mastermind behind the Iranian revolution, set the basic goals of the theocratic regime established in the wake of the revolution.
SINCE its inception, the theocratic regime's repression has resulted in institutionalised violence against women in Iran throughout all social sectors.
Fair enough, mate, say what you like about Iran and other theocratic fascist states run by religious loons but I suppose at least Saturday nights at chucking out time are less lively.
They also threaten "international peace and stability with their misleading theocratic preaching", Prince Salman added on Tuesday during a meeting with visiting UK's Defense Senior Adviser for the Middle East, and his accompanying delegation.
In Egypt not long ago we saw a popularly elected theocratic government, which was subsequently overthrown by what amounted to a military coup.
The Iranian government has both democratic and theocratic aspects which are reflected in its choice of official name for the country.
As there are two competing visions of India -- a pluralist one represented by the Congress and the other a theocratic and majoritarian version represented by the RSS and the BJP, the slogan Congressmukt Bharat implies the end of India as a secular state," Tewari told M AIL T ODAY .
The women-hating theocratic men are the enemies of civilised life; the fact they were ready to sacrifice a child a chilling warning of how low they are prepared to stoop for a terrible cause.