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In the earlier series of books containing, among others, Bosanquet's "History of Aesthetic," Pfleiderer's "Rational Theology since Kant," Albee's "History of English Utilitarianism," Bonar's "Philosophy and Political Economy," Brett's "History of Psychology," Ritchie's "Natural Rights," these objects were to a large extent effected.
They stood in a new relation to theology and natural philosophy, and for a time maintained towards both an attitude of reserve and separation.
Few students of theology or philosophy have sufficiently reflected how quickly the bloom of a philosophy passes away; or how hard it is for one age to understand the writings of another; or how nice a judgment is required of those who are seeking to express the philosophy of one age in the terms of another.
What woman, indeed, among the most faithful adherents of the truth, believes the promises and threats of the Word in the sense in which she believes in her own children, or would not throw her theology to the wind if weighed against their happiness?
His own choice was for poetry, and the most of our library, which was not given to theology, was given to poetry.
So we talked about painting, poetry, and music, theology, geology, and philosophy: once or twice I lent her a book, and once she lent me one in return: I met her in her walks as often as I could; I came to her house as often as I dared.
Their theory of life had its core of soundness, as all theories must have on which decent and prosperous families have been reared and have flourished; but it had the very slightest tincture of theology.
For my own part, I am free to confess my almost entire inability to gratify any curiosity that may be felt with regard to the theology of the valley.
Kory-Kory--who seemed to have devoted considerable attention to the study of theology, as he knew the names of all the graven images in the valley, and often repeated them over to me--likewise entertained some rather enlarged ideas with regard to the character and pretensions of Moa Artua.
Exploring how 20th-century Christian theologies of the Old Testament deal with history, Slama discusses the genre of Old Testament theology; what history is; theology of the Old Testament as history of religions; theology of the Old Testament as a philosophy of history; on the Catholic front: a struggle over history; against the tyranny of history: its beginning between the wars; theology of the Old Testament as a historical confession; when history reveals theology; in search of a theology of the Jewish Bible; history of religions once more; and against the tyranny of history: a post-modern sequel.
The author offers a diasporic feminist theology, which includes a discourse of identity politics that negates Western-centered, patriarchal, and domineering discourses.
Can theology and science be integrated in meaningful ways?