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Theorem works with the vast majority of the world's leading automotive, aerospace, defence, power generation and transportation companies and their supply chains use Theorem's products and services daily.
Acar: Fixed point theorems for weak contractions in the sense of Berinde on partial metric spaces, Topology Appl.
In 1971, Subbarao [9] stated that Andrews' theorem above "is itself a special case of the following result":
Benzmuller explained that their work opens vast horizons for studying proof of God's existence, as they dealt with just six axioms in a little theorem, the report added.
A world leader in the most complex medical device and drug-device combination trials in addition to a notable capability in pharmaceuticals and biologics, Theorem has deep expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and in all phases of development.
In the same fashion, the above explained extension also holds in comparison of results in Theorem 2.
Theorem assigns a dedicated, regionally-based manager, with in-depth knowledge of local employment laws and recruiting, to each client.
If we use theorem 4 for the triangle ABC and the centroid G, we have
0]I, then by using Cayley- Hamilton theorem we can replace A by [lambda] such that:
Since Y1 is bounded, in order to prove our theorem, it is sufficient, by Minkowski's inequality, to show that