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The researchers compared their theoretical framework with the gas cooling times of every known galaxy cluster, and found that clusters filtered into two populations -- very slowly cooling clusters, and clusters that are cooling rapidly, closer to the rate predicted by the group as a critical threshold.
Recognizing that factual observations such as "the sun rises every day" and "the earth rotates daily on its axis" can be reconciled once they are properly situated, Puntel proposes a philosophical research program that systematically compares and orders theoretical frameworks with the goal of articulating (in the language of formal logic) the most comprehensive framework yet achievable.
Overall, the core and balance model seems to offer a theoretical framework for examining contributions of family leisure involvement to aspects of family functioning.
Bernstein's recontextualization theory provides social work practitioners, who involve in the social work development in the developing country, not only a theoretical framework to understand how indigenization may work among indigenous actors but also to sensitize their reflexivity as outsiders of an internal political process.
Levine's theoretical framework is based on existing research from across a variety of scientific and academic disciplines as well as the convergence of clinical evidence and experience.
It is helpful to have a theoretical framework on which the project is based, together with specific developmental goals and objectives, to make these programmatic decisions (cf.
Gallego also lays out a theoretical framework of exploration in his subsequent chapters, each of which locates a writer's parodying strategies in the historical context of the representation of African Americans and in the literary context of the genres of Western literature employed and subverted by the writer.
Many authors have written about the growth and development necessary to achieve well-being in old age and a peaceful death, (5,6) and we find this theoretical framework useful to consider.
With the flexibility to fit a wide range of test data for soils and rock, the CAP model is founded on the theoretical framework of classical plasticity and is numerically robust in its software implementation--a seminal development that made modern ground shock analysis possible.
For example, there is no cohesive theoretical framework guiding research on fatherhood, existing measures were generally based on maternal templates, and there was a general lack of experience with all facets of the research process in including low-income men in large-scale studies designed primarily for mothers and children.
Paling's own notion of a classificatory horizon "represents a convergence of ideas from related fields that, taken together, can provide a theoretical framework for studying rhetorical aspects of classification" and "a better understanding of the material and cultural limits that act on the representations in our classificatory systems.
In Social Cognitive Career Theory's (SCCT; Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 1994) theoretical framework, self-efficacy is postulated to directly influence the development of career interests.

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