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The aim of the project is to develop a series of artefacts whose sound absorption characteristics are known both theoretically and experimentally.
You ain't seen nothing yet" - The newLiberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg when asked what he would do if he theoretically became Prime Minister.
Exceptions to this were previously published seminal articles and texts that are theoretically and empirically important.
But if we're just theoretically speaking and both teams are at their best, I'd go with Oaks, 35-27.
But scientists say that cloaking devices like the ones depicted in science fiction, while theoretically possible, are still a distant dream.
Paulson theoretically believes tax increases at the highest bracket may be necessary as a bargaining chip to achieve a bipartisan grand compromise on deficit reduction on Capitol Hill.
Lithium-bedecked buckyballs could theoretically store up to 13 percent of their mass in hydrogen, says physicist Puru Jena of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.
resolutions" are theoretically non-binding but, says Jane Adolphe, a Law professor at Ave Maria Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, "if .
Effects of interaction among different configurations in one of these cases are theoretically investigated, and a formula is obtained that describes the behavior of absorption spectrum intensity.
On a consistent diet, an average-sized, 160-pound man could theoretically lose 30-40 pounds just by walking while talking on the phone, checking email and performing other run-of-the-mill office tasks.
Thus, the out-of-band approach is theoretically more suitable for higher performance applications.
The machine is priced at $159,000, and theoretically has the capability to run faster than the traditional RP technologies.