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Right now," he says, "a theoretician can choose any [electric] field he or she wants because no one's measured it.
This genial theoretician filled a gallery with stripes and backgrounds--a thin white line surrounded by white; a red line surrounded by nothing at all," etc.
The group maintained contact with the Internationale Lettriste, one of whose members was Guy Debord, subsequently the theoretician of the "society of the spectacle.
Dertouzos, eight-time author, engineer, inventor, theoretician, and director of the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT since 1974.
offers a text for advanced high school students or undergraduates based on theoretician Richard Paul's model of critical thinking.
Feyerabend proclaimed himself a scientific theoretician of an absolute anarchist bent.
Victor Demjanenko, chief software architect and theoretician at VoCAL, "complicated by over-hyped marketing, underperforming products, lack of delivery, delays, and subterfuge of the time-honored data communications standards setting process.
This volume collects essays by prominent communist theoretician Leon Trotsky on the role of trade unions in capitalism and its overthrow that were written between 1920 and 1940, as well as a prologue, "Trade Unions: Their Past, Present and Future," written by Karl Marx and adopted by the 1866 congress of the First International Working Men's Association.
Marcel Broodthaers) in fact dead, literally--embalmed in the catalogue, a weighty tome resembling in its ragtag yet academic graphic and intellectual style Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau's S, M, L, XL and given to long dialogues between David, Buchloh, and photography theoretician Jean-Francois Chevrier.
By the time the '80s gave way to the '90s--with the Gulf War, the recession, and the politicized attitude toward the AIDS crisis, to which Crimp gave himself wholeheartedly as both theoretician and agitator--Pictures had run its course.
In any case, Decemberism" is a strange neologism, redolent of both the categorizing zeal of the theoretician and the satisfyingly hopeless longing of the romantic.
This is a reprint of a 1965 book in which American communist politician and Marxist theoretician Novack (1905-1992) examines the first steps in the development of the materialist conception of the world, from its emergence among the Ionian Greeks through its elaboration in Greco-Roman society.