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Kurtz theorizes that when Matthew's head hit the windshield, he damaged or severed some of his olfactory neurons, millions of tassel-like nerve cells in the nasal cavity that--when funtioning--can detect some 10,000 odors (and nearly as many flavors).
Conscious perception of colors may only require activation of this "color center;' Gray theorizes.
Ding's team theorizes that prehistoric people who trekked from Africa to distant locales may have relied on nervy, intrepid individuals to lead the journey.
They theoretically explore the operation of network power, especially in its variant of American empire, and theorize future means of resistance.
The huge variation comes about, the researchers theorize, because one side of the planet always faces toward its star, while the other side faces away.
Scientists theorize that nearly 5 billion years ago, a spinning cloud of gas and dust began to form the planets.
Value creation resides at the core of every company, and most organizations theorize about how to do it, rather than rolling up their sleeves and making it happen.
Today, I think feminisms need to address and theorize gendered identity so as to accommodate the intersectionality (per Kimberle Crenshaw's valuable theorization in her essay on the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings) of how we position ourselves in the world and how we are understood by others.
Forty years ago, as a young assistant professor of economics at Purdue University, Smith championed the then-unheard-of notion that economists who theorize about human behavior could learn something useful by actually observing some human behavior, preferably in controlled
Essayists theorize queerness and problematize racism and black homophobia to an extent so excessive as to restrict their work to the realm of academia.