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Defend: Albert Einstein helped prove the existence of atoms by explaining Brownian motion, or the jerky motion of particles inside a water droplet, Einstein theorized that water molecules, although you can't see them, are constantly in motion.
We theorized that we, as non-student outsiders, would observe a functional model of student learning but we suspected that students would appreciate nuances that were not immediately visible to us.
What is needed now is an approach that will explain the absence of conflict not as a void but as a theorized structure within which activity can occur.
Later in the 20th century, the idea of theft became theorized, valorized and championed as "postmodern pastiche.
But development needs to be critically theorized in relation to local conditions.
Theorized reef prospects similar to those in the Salawati Basin will be explored and targeted.
More than a century ago, Charles Darwin wrote detailed accounts of mimicry in animals and theorized that many creatures respond to the emotional states of their comrades.
Men may have ranked higher than women, he theorized, because in the 25-year history of Saugus High School, the number of men who coached or participated in varsity sports was greater than the number of women, he said.
He theorized that dunnarts absorb tiny amounts of oxygen right through their skin like newborn tadpoles.
Not only have we proven the commercial feasibility of BLAST, but we've also verified the performance figures our researchers predicted when they first theorized that it might be possible to exploit interference to achieve faster and more efficient communications.
Beginning with natural numbers and covering the realms of infinity from prime numbers to parallel lines, the authors explore how mathematicians have tried to grasp the ungraspable, Profiles of individuals range from Pythagoras, who theorized about irrational numbers, to Georg Cantor, who proved that infinity can come in different sizes.
Young people sometimes don't realize when their words or actions are hurtful, theorized Julie Albin, 12.