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Section I describes the derivation and nature of incompletely theorized agreements and the role of analogical reasoning.
They should emphasize this by significant local research in a thoroughly theorized way, so that the two tasks of aiding development directly and elaborating development theory, fully inform each other.
But BLAST's inventors theorized, and later proved, that it is possible to have several transmissions occupying the same frequency band.
The mechanism of contraception of S/TOP is theorized to be a result of both the space-filling design of the device as well as a local inflammatory tubal-tissue response to the device, which mechanically alters the tubal architecture and interferes with the function of the normal fallopian tube.
Rayleigh theorized that a droplet of liquid becomes unstable and emits these jets when electrostatic forces between charges on its surface become too great for the droplet's surface tension to oppose.
For example, some evolutionary psychologists have theorized that women everywhere prefer to mate monogamously with men who have lots of resources and status, as a way to ensure the survival of offspring.
In blind people, cells that usually focus on vision are drafted into tactile service and promote a heightened sense of touch relative to that of sighted folk, the scientists theorized.
Freud used this technique, which he called free association, to probe theorized unconscious conflicts that resist direct expression.
Overall, this situation appears comparable to "a divided blue underclass oppressed by a unified yellow elite," Young theorized at the recent symposium.
Prior to that, several investigators had theorized that some Classic caves had been sites of ritual activity directed by shamans or priests, but the nature of these ceremonies and their relationship to the wider realm of religious, political, and economic life remained largely unknown.
Researchers have theorized that it demands more of a social thinker to consider the situational influences on another's behavior than simply to assume that behavior reflects an internal attitude.
Bowlby theorized that the human species has made a heavy evolutionary investment in mutual bonds.