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Like so many other theorizers, he doesn't know when to stop.
Second, how can the planning of lessons cater for other types of learning styles, notably that of Theorizers and Pragmatists.
Appropriately, Kroetsch himself exhibits something of this disjunction: he is a prolific theorizer who offers considerable commentary on Kroetsch the writer, even as Kroetsch the writer is himself a ruptured sayer/doer.
We can ignore the results of the failed theorizer, and want to compare the believability of a hypothesis generated by a successful theorizer with that of the same hypothesis when it is generated by a looker.
One theorizer says the original verb was the imperative.
Probably the greatest materialist theorizer of the 18th century was the German philosopher Paul Heinrich Dietrich d'Holbach (1723 - 89), whose major work, Systeme de la nature (1770), argued that all reality is nature and that nature is determined by matter -- earth, fire, air, water -- in motion.
Stories about what happened very, very long ago and far away are bound to reflect more about the mind of the theorizer than about anything else.
TNG: And now you're a teacher, practitioner, and theorizer of - how do you describe it exactly?
Many theorizers like Epel and Bandura (1999), Carver and Scheire (1998) work on Self-regulation, proposed that individuals can be varying in different aspects related to cognition and motivation which in terms enhancing behavior toward the attainments of certain goals.
Patricia Hill Collins, a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, is often touted as one of the first theorizers of Black feminism.
The theorizers of such rights in fact go out of their way to ignore such requirements.
Similarly, this first novel by one of realism's most important theorizers and practitioners helps demonstrate the emergence of a genre capable of reproducing conservative structures, but also of revealing the processes through which those structures are constructed and maintained.