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One can see how phenomenologically oriented theorizers of the self sought to move in this direction.
Zach also had little patience for theorizers and generalists.
The most pernicious cancer on Shakespeare scholarship--probably the most extensive pseudoscholarly endeavor ever undertaken--is that of conspiracy-minded theorizers who for a century and a half have argued among themselves about who actually wrote the plays, who kept it a secret, and why.
Modern approaches to psychotherapy tend to consist of grand metanarratives and systems created by individual theorizers.
Acknowledging the influential formulations of difference posited by Saussure and Derrida in linguistic terms, and by Lacan, Foucault, and postcolonial theorizers of the marginalized other, Fuchs emphasizes instead the need for a serious consideration of sameness (in the sense of "subversive mimicry").
Theorizers pose as dispensers of informed opinions.
I am wondering whether and how digital authoring may demystify theory and empower students to become theorizers of their own historical and cultural experiences.
That is because although Farber and Sherry want their picture to be a happy one, it is hard to find anything to feel hopeful about in the offerings of either the theorizers or the theory-skeptics.
Second, how can the planning of lessons cater for other types of learning styles, notably that of Theorizers and Pragmatists.
Hartjen presents the argument that human beings should be viewed as theorizers or "constructors of a commonsense reality.
Frye (1992) suggests that there is a feminist "urgency" to be engaged with the greatest possible range of perceivers and theorizers, and that this must be built into our situation and our methodology (p.