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Medpace has assembled the industry's most experienced and therapeutically focused team to execute at every level of the company's operations, providing complete and seamless drug development services.
The Amneal product is an AA-rated, therapeutically equivalent alternative to the antihistamine Antivert([R]) (a registered trademark of Pfizer, Inc.
comprises a mixture of at least one therapeutically active substance and at least one polar compound
Earlier 1998 ANDA approvals included clotrimazole vaginal tablets, USP 100mg, therapeutically equivalent to Gyne-Lotrimin(R), made by Schering Plough; acylovir tablets, 400 mg and 800 mg, therapeutically equivalent to Zovirax(R), made by Glaxo Wellcome; tretinoin topical solution USP, 0.
The issuance of our latest patent further protects the proprietary compositions and methods we developed to isolate potentially therapeutically important cells from blood tissues, including the MLPC stem cell from umbilical cord blood," said Michael Haider, president and chief executive officer for BioE.
If the system is used therapeutically, as in hydrotherapy, can the manufacturer document meeting FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices?
However, side effects arising from therapeutically potent doses of this water-soluble vitamin have greatly restricted its use, notes Joseph M.
INC Research([R]), a therapeutically focused contract research organization with a trusted process for delivering reliable results, has named Hans J.
He called the drug "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.
The acquired assets will allow us unencumbered access to the key technologies for our current and future products--along with a strong foundation for expansion globally and therapeutically.
Because tuberculoid leprosy is easier to treat, the researchers suggest that gamma interferon could be useful therapeutically.
Therefore, sirtuins are attractive drug targets which may be therapeutically beneficial for diseases in which mitochondria are dysfunctional, often observed in diseases of aging.