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Working on large vocabularies like medical thesauri is often a painful task: Synonym lists must be maintained and extended, scope and structure of thesauri must be adjusted to project requirements, and indexing results must be rapidly checked and corrected.
Soergel has explored reengineering classification schemes and thesauri into feature-rich ontologies, using a combination of automatic extraction and human editing (e.
The one-dimensional thinking of AMV (the thesis, the dictionary) was in contradiction to the multi-dimensional thinking of SMV (the antithesis), which resulted in the creation of the thesauri used in modern information retrieval (the synthesis).
It has the example and technical expertise of other subject-specific thesauri, most notably the Art & Architecture Thesaurus.
thesauri, can be at the fundament of new ones like automatic indexing, ontologies or topic maps.
SchemaLogic's innovative technologies help organizations establish "communities of participation" through living corporate semantics (vocabularies, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies and master reference data) that enable enterprises to increase their competitive advantages and reduce operational costs through better information management, increased data quality and more agile, intelligent business decisions.
Ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri in systems science and systematics.
Notation is in widespread use within information science and thesauri.
Linguists provide a multi-lingual and cross-cultural approach to the problem of how gender is lexically and socially categorized in certain electronic word-processing software, using thesauri of Microsoft Word and Microsoft pinyin as examples.