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I don't know, I'm sure, why I should have baked a pot o' beans in the middle of the week, but they'll come in handy.
They'll keep the sun out of my eyes while I'm plowing the Fifty-Acre Field.
After a week or so chasing about the fields and lands on empty stomachs, they'll come and be caught cheerful.
Of course they ain't never been under fire yet, and it ain't likely they'll lick the hull rebel army all-to-oncet the first time; but I think they'll fight better than some, if worse than others.
Why, they'll cast it up to the little un, as isn't four 'ear old, some day--they'll cast it up t' her as she'd a cousin tried at the 'sizes for murder.
said Joe, as the Victoria skimmed closely along the ground, at scarcely the elevation of one hundred feet, and immediately over a village, "I'll throw them an empty bottle, with your leave, doctor, and if it reaches them safe and sound, they'll worship it; if it breaks, they'll make talismans of the pieces.
Then I'll see that yer gover'ment's notified where you be an' they'll soon send a man- o'war to fetch ye off.
They'll ransack that castle," he remarked with evident approval.
Some day they'll fly all over the world, and perhaps bring people even to the Land of Oz.
It's coded, Ronnie, and between you and me I don't believe they'll be able to read it, but whose doing is that?
They'll take all of a couple of thousand acres and will close now if you give them half a chance.
They're damn hungry, Henry, an' they'll have you an' me guessin' before this trip's over.