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From the thick-headed squaddies who squeezed the triggers to the top brass buffoons who tried for hours to pretend it didn't happen, the whole episode was a tragedy of errors.
All of you lazy, good-for-nothing, thick-headed b***s, get out on that pitch, now
She could have talked about no longer experiencing that burden of unbearable aloneness; about not feeling nauseous, thick-headed and guilt-ridden in the mornings - about being free, having choices in her life, and being able to live responsibly.
Many people will condemn such sentiments as obscene, and yet the people I've guoted in this column are not known for being vile, ranting, thick-headed hooligans - they are thoughtful, intelligent and articulate people who empathise with those who suffered during Thatcher's tumultuous and turbulent reign.
Generous and thick-headed, ambitious and lazy, possessing a genuine concern for the planet as well as a stadium-sized ego, Strummer could be inscrutable even to those closest to him.
Bullies are another source of discomfort, and no one personifies their nasty tactics more than Biff Tannen, the thick-headed jock who picks on George McFly in "Back to the Future.
BONE HEAD Pachycephalosaurs, in Greek, means thick-headed lizards.
Let's punish the yobs, graffiti louts and schoolyard bullies, thugs, murderers, rapists and those thick-headed hoodies.
Guys are notoriously thick-headed about getting the message.
Micropachycephalosaurus (MIKE-row-PACK-ee-SEF-uh-low-SAW-rus), which means "the little thick-headed reptile," is the longest dinosaur name so far.
Democrats have been making political hay out of the telecommuting of jobs outside of the United States while exasperated Bush administration policy wonks try to explain to us thick-headed Americans why losing our jobs is actually a good thing.