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Salads are passed up, and from the vegetarian and cheese tapas page a couple of pudgy, thick-skinned quesadillas stuffed with zucchini blossoms and cheeses ($6.
PI AM a reasonably thick-skinned individual capable of taking the rough with the smooth, including mickey-taking from rival supporters and journos alike.
Thick-skinned, bioengineered tomatoes survive the trip to market better.
Martin Offiah guests tonight on the eve of the second Rugby League Test and hopefully is thick-skinned enough to explain why he is not good enough to play for Great Britain, why London Broncos had such a poor season and why Tufnell is not on the Ashes tour.
If a grapefruit is pointed at the stem end, it is likely to be thick-skinned.
Even for the thick-skinned who don't care how they are portrayed in the media, the wrong type of publicity can close the door to useful relationships with co-venturers and lenders, for whom discretion and "proper" image may be a necessity.
Those thick-skinned reptiles can remain below the water's surface for over an hour.
Rootstock varieties have sturdy, disease-resistant root systems but usually bear thick-skinned, undersize, poor-quality fruit.
But he has proved that he is very thick-skinned and marches and shouting at matches won't have much effect at all.
Council budget latest - pages 6-7) RUSSELL GOODWAY is a thick-skinned politician, but he came across as a bruised man yesterday.
SFA president George Peat says their next chief executive must not only be thick-skinned - he must also be a "superman".