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If you like a little shine to your gravy, thicken it with cornstarch.
Once a laver of skim ice is established, lake ice can continue to thicken from both the top and bob tom.
Our specific goals were to increase iron content by at least 50% and to thicken these foods to facilitate safer swallowing.
Researchers determined that ounce-per-ounce, low-fat, light-roasted peanut flours are able to promote more viscosity, or to thicken more effectively, than other peanut flours when they are dispersed in water and heated under controlled conditions.
Preserves will thicken as they cool, but if they need to thicken further, remove lid, increase heat to high and cook for another hour.
Critical parts of the brain's outer layer, or cortex, thicken more rapidly during childhood and thin more drastically during adolescence in individuals with extremely high IQ scores compared with peers of average or moderately above-average intelligence, say neuroscientist Philip Shaw of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Md.
If these dykes are thickening as it appears at depth, then there's a chance they'll also thicken along the length of them.
Water thins the extra mucus, but caffeine tends to thicken it.
This is particularly important as the thickeners are required to thicken material with relatively high SGs," he said.
Although other terms such as "dry stacking," "subaerial deposition," and "paste deposition" have more recently been introduced by others, they all follow the basic principles laid down by the TTD system -- thicken the tailings to a heavy slurry consistency and discharge to obtain maximum surface evaporation.
But the power of The Word was in the choreography, so strong that it seemed to thicken the air and force the dancers to dare their way through it.
Lesquerella gum is stable enough to thicken over a wide range of pH levels or after peroxide bleaching.