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We see something of the same kind even in our domestic varieties, as in the thickened stems of the common and swedish turnip.
Beyond these tumuli habitations thickened, and the train came to a standstill in a tangle that was almost a town.
The crowd thickened as three o'clock approached; and when the hour struck, one hundred and fifty boys were hard at work.
Night fell as we were walking, and the clouds, which had broken up in the afternoon, settled in and thickened, so that it fell, for the season of the year, extremely dark.
As I still pursued my journey to the northward, the snows thickened and the cold increased in a degree almost too severe to support.
And then of a sudden I saw Raffles on my right striking with his torch; a face flew out of the darkness to meet the thick glass bulb with the glowing wire enclosed; it was the face of the boy Olphert, with his enviable moustache, but it vanished with the crash of glass, and the naked wire thickened to the eye like a tuning-fork struck red-hot.
The herd, as the column spread and thickened, was like the endless flocks of the smaller birds, whose extended flanks are so often seen to heave up out of the abyss of the heavens, until they appear as countless as the leaves in those forests, over which they wing their endless flight.
But, as the body of the herd pressed more and more upon the open line of its defenders, and the dust thickened, so as to obscure their persons, there was, at each instant, a renewed danger of the beasts breaking through.
So that I had now a double wall; and my outer wall was thickened with pieces of timber, old cables, and everything I could think of, to make it strong; having in it seven little holes, about as big as I might put my arm out at.
The lights in the shops could scarecely struggle through the heavy mist, which thickened every moment and shrouded the streets and houses in gloom; rendering the strange place still stranger in Oliver's eyes; and making his uncertainty the more dismal and depressing.
At the end farthest from the house they thickened into a continuous hedge.
The solids need to be thickened to a total solids concentration of 3% to 4.