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By using two specimens of different thickness, the thermal conductivity of the coating can be determined as long as the surface finishes of the two specimens are similar and the thicknesses o f the substrates are within a few percent.
to 28 ft Thicknesses: Various thicknesses range from 1/9, in.
The measured thicknesses depend on knowledge of the effective attenuation length (EAL) of the detected photoelectrons in SiO2 for the particular film thickness and measurement configuration.
Further development is underway to establish and verify cure control criteria for a variety of materials and thicknesses.
The calender does more work yielding better tolerances with sheet thicknesses [is greater than] 8 mm;
PCC's Large Structurals Business Operation, with 1400 employees, makes castings that have wall thicknesses as thin as 0.
A group of eleven such fields had thicknesses in the range of about 600 m to 1,500 m.
Wall thicknesses that are not as good but still acceptable are indicated in yellow, while unacceptable wall thicknesses are shown in red.
Film thicknesses of the dilutions used in this study are shown in table 3.
The experiments first focused on different thicknesses of commonly used, white insulating coatings of 20 Be density that were sprayed on a 400F mold.
The Selectable Slice-thickness Multi-row Detector (SSMD) of the Aquilion 16 allows up to seven varying image slice thicknesses, from 0.