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Normative reference ranges for the retinal nerve fiber layer, macula, and retinal layer thicknesses in children.
Thicknesses of macular retinal layer and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer in patients with hyperopic anisometropic amblyopia.
Thesis, Semiconductor detector and optical system alignment for optical thin-film thicknesses using a modified reflectometry method, Brigham Young University-Idaho 2012.
Facts reports that its real-time film-thickness-gauging technology offers many benefits, such as closed-loop control of film thickness, reduction of variation of batch-to-batch thicknesses, material scrap reduction, faster startups, and the ability to collect product data for historical purposes.
Two sets of specimens each with nominal coating thicknesses of 170 [micro]m, 350 [micro]m, and 510 [micro]m on 3 mm substrates were measured.
We can control our sulfuric anodize coating thicknesses in a range from 0.
The Guide to Panel Suppliers & Services includes vital information on who offers what - not only in terms of substrate types and thicknesses - but also value-added services including: cut-to-size, sanding, CNC routing, drilling, edge treating and laminating to name a few.
The typical attenuation range of the absorbers in this series depends on thickness; the EMI absorbers in this series come in thicknesses of 0.
10) This study was undertaken to compare the RNFL thicknesses in three different ONH size groups as measured by Cirrus spectral domain OCT.
Also showing the Vision Bottle Gauge 7000 camera-based dimensional measuring system and PG9810-ML non-contact, automated IR system, which can measure the thicknesses of PET and nylon barrier layers in preforms and bottles.