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This pretty little nest where we are all picnicking," went on the courier-brigand, with the same easy yet sinister smile, "is, together with some caves underneath it, known by the name of the Paradise of Thieves.
The King of Thieves was, however, continuing his address with the same kind of dangerous politeness.
I will not conceal from you that the document ends with certain legal phrases about the unpleasant things that may happen if the money is not paid; but meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that I am comfortably off here for accommodation, wine and cigars, and bid you for the present a sportsman-like welcome to the luxuries of the Paradise of Thieves.
Harrogate's friends would be far likelier to fear for his fate if they thought the thieves were poor and desperate.
But even as the two short blades crossed and clashed the King of Thieves deliberately dropped his point and laughed.
Another order was given; there was a noise of dismounting, and a tall officer with cocked hat, a grey imperial, and a paper in his hand appeared in the gap that was the gate of the Paradise of Thieves.
Encountering the King of the Thieves in his path, he clapped him on the shoulder with something between a caress and a buffet and gave him a push that sent him staggering away.
In short," said Muscari, "to the real Paradise of Thieves.
What mattered it that his people consisted of a pack of fools, cripples, thieves, and beggars?
One business owner wasn't fazed when two thieves broke into the premises of his company and stole power tools worth thousands of dollars.
ISLAMABAD -- Robbers and thieves struck at six places and made off with cash and valuables while police arrested two suspected auto-thieves.
Unidentified thieves stole electronic appliances and other valuables from two shops in the Qila Didar Singh police precincts here the other day.