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Harbour Street (the Vera Stanhope series) and Thin Air (the Shetland series) are both out now.
When people read that chronic gambling is costing the government $80 billion a year, there is a part of them that says, "I think they pulled that number out of thin air.
Successful implementation of curtain coating for highly pigmented aqueous coatings at high speeds requires removal of the thin air layer entering the curtain impingement zone on the paper surface to avoid air intrusion, which disrupts coating transfer.
But before the sweat vanishes into thin air, pigments turn the clear liquid a bright red.
The high altitude mean the ball travels much further through the thin air when kicked and matches can open up as a result, so points quotes in the mid-50s are no surprise.
The net result would be increased productivity, seemingly out of thin air.
The article also failed to mention the glitches in PayPal's transferring programs that would randomly make a customer's money vanish into thin air.
that are grabbed out of thin air by pampered, self-indulgent, hedonistic special interest groups.
The result: Century 21 has become one the most profitable stores per square foot in Manhattan, thanks in part to this additional 5,000 square feet built into thin air.
In their film Stories Are Propaganda, 2005, a sequence of images shot in China--of a smokestack belching black plumes, of ocean waves crashing to shore, of a rabbit appearing out of thin air in a magician's box--is accompanied by a child's long monologue.
A team of researchers has found that the thin air inside airplanes does not trigger blood clots.
It seems HIS stool was being unloaded from the tour truck and was placed on the pavement outside the rear of the Lime Street theatre "for two seconds, two seconds", before it vanished into thin air.