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And more than that, I would like to apologise directly to Nigel for the phrase 'snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive.
Mr Cameron was obviously simply trying to be mildly amusing but God help anybody who tries to be that these days, given how thin-skinned we are" - Actor Christopher Biggins, wondering why the Prime Minister felt he had to apologise for comparing shadow chancellor Ed Balls to someone suffering from Tourette's Syndrome.
London, Dec 1 (ANI): WikiLeaks cables have described French president Nicolas Sarkozy as thin-skinned, erratic, tyrannical and hyperactive.
It has since come to our attention that this information was incorrect, that many of the Irish are as thin-skinned, po-faced and zealously politically correct as many English people, and, furthermore, that by suggesting Gaelic football and hurling might be in any way 'daft' we were guilty of a racist and a deeply offensive slur on a downtrodden nation.
Does JAH mean the Freemasons or am I just being paranoid and thin-skinned.
And with that, he stuck his oversized thumb square in the eyes of the thin-skinned and the humorless.
How thin-skinned West Midlands Police are, judging by theresponse to George Tyndale's article.
Scrub thin-skinned white or red potatoes (1 to 2 in.
I know we are always accused of being thin-skinned, but it does get really boring hearing the same old things trotted out about our city by people who probably haven't been here for yonks (if ever).
And she is unquestionably a fine, deeply humane person--if a bit thin-skinned about criticism.
Thin-skinned, Packard frequently over-reacted to attacks on his books, yet he actively sought acceptance from the very academics who rejected him.
5 pounds, the thin-skinned fruit measures only about 5 inches in diameter, yet produces 300 to 400 seeds.