think better

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Now think better of what we have just been speaking of; and don't be rash, there's a good fellow
Save him and spare him that, and you will be able to think better of him
I could, and I would, think better of him then than at any other time
I never meant, Kate,' said Nicholas, tenderly, 'I never meant to stay among you; think better of me than to suppose it possible.
I confess I am glad to hear the report you bring from this unfortunate gentleman; and, if that matter should turn out to be as you represent it (and, indeed, I doubt nothing of what you say), I may, perhaps, in time, be brought to think better than lately I have of this young man; for this good gentlewoman here, nay, all who know me, can witness that I loved him as dearly as if he had been my own son.
Barry will think better of it when she finds you're not to blame.
Mother, think better of this, and of me, and do not disregard the happiness of which you seem to think so little.
We can create spaces that help people focus, regenerate and inspire and activate their brains and ultimately think better," continued Ljubic.
CERI: I think better communication from the Council regarding what/ how can be recycled will help with this.
I think better than last season," Belgium international Alderweireld answered when asked what Southampton should aim for this campaign.
I think better than last season," the Belgium international answered when asked what Southampton should aim for.
More than half of voters believe the appointment of two more women to Cameron's Cabinet is window dressing and doesn't make them think better of the Tories, according to an opinion poll.