think ill of

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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and I'll never think ill of people again
But the removal of his alarm did his niece no service: as her unaccountableness was confirmed his displeasure increased; and getting up and walking about the room with a frown, which Fanny could picture to herself, though she dared not lift up her eyes, he shortly afterwards, and in a voice of authority, said, "Have you any reason, child, to think ill of Mr.
What in the world had he been thinking of when he fancied the duchess could help him, and that it would conduce to his comfort to make her think ill of the Bellegardes?
But in general and ordinary cases between friend and friend, where one of them is desired by the other to change a resolution of no very great moment, should you think ill of that person for complying with the desire, without waiting to be argued into it?
Your daughter needs to document every instance where her ex has kept the children from her, encouraged the children to think ill of her, spoken negatively about her in front of the children or threatened her access to the children.
In truth, British sentiment about the armed forces is inextricably bound up with issues of national identity and loyalty and entails a deep disinclination to think ill of men and women in uniform.
Here, the main problem emerges: We should never give anyone the opportunity to think ill of us while we are walking our true and sincere path.
I suggest that what it additionally involves is a change of attitude towards a wrongdoer, which may involve ceasing to think ill of him, wiping the slate clean, coming to accept him despite his flaws, or (troublingly for Murphy) abandoning a demand for punishment.
Louis Menand, in his review for the New Republic, gave one possible reason for the book's success: "It gratifies our wish to think ill of our culture (a wish that is a permanent feature of modernity) without thinking ill of ourselves.
Worried that I would think ill of him, he explained to me she was passing urine all over the house and, despite his constant efforts to clean up, the situation was intolerable.
We are tempted many times, every day, to think ill of others; to be impatient; to be selfish.
He wondered how these instigators could think ill of Syria and that Syrians don't observe Islam while some of them had visited Syria and talked with its scholars, asking if they want to burn Syria and listen to the lies of some channels that spread sedition and abandon reality.