think nothing of

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For instance, most people think nothing of netting and canning a tuna so long as the more intelligent dolphin avoids the same fate.
When the new year arrives wrapped in snow, I think nothing of the phone call or her voice or how it will change when she's pressing my back, her tongue knocking at my ear.
Upright citizens, who would return a lost wallet containing hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat, think nothing of stealing employees from one another.
Most of us think nothing of slathering on the sunscreen or donning a pair of shades to protect our eyes when we venture outdoors.
But in office they think nothing of spending nearly twice as much as the Tories ever did.
People who wouldn't take a newspaper from an unlocked dispenser without paying the 50 cents think nothing of "borrowing" a $1,000 camcorder system by buying it Friday, taping the niece's wedding on Saturday, and bringing it back Monday, claiming the equipment was not satisfactory.
Detroiters think nothing of crossing the border via the tunnel or the Ambassador Bridge for dinner, a night of gambling at the Windsor Casino or just to view Detroit's downtown skyline from afar.
Now people think nothing of writing an e-mail message to someone across the hall.
The ultra-wealthy think nothing of spending up to $10,000 an hour for private aviation and even less about indulging in jewelry, fashion, elaborate vacations and multiple luxury residences.
In the face of tragedy and fear, more often than not staring death in the face, these proud professionals think nothing of themselves but only of duty and a willingness to lay their lives down for others.
Mine currently pay pounds 30 a week and think they are hard done by but, like many of the younger generation, think nothing of paying pounds 100+ for items such as trainers, phones, ipods, etc.