think of

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I'm not very particular what SOME people think of me," rejoined Felix.
It was evident to her that he was, as he had said, living with paralyzed activities, in his endeavour to think of a plan of procedure.
Think of years to come, and children being born to us, and this past matter getting known--for it must get known.
They can take me to no place," she said, gently, "which I shall think of as I think of the place where you found me.
Do not write unless there is something I can really do for you; for, dear Hetty, we must try to think of each other as little as we can.
Of Dinah's affectionate entreaty to think of her as a friend in trouble?
I want to look at the woman and to think of kissing her shoulders and I am going to let myself think what I choose," he declared bitterly and tears came into his eyes.
Ralph could think of nothing further to say; but could one have stripped off his mask of flesh, one would have seen that his will- power was rigidly set upon a single object--that Miss Hilbery should obey him.
She feared it was what every body else must think of and predict.
The more he tried to think of his accounts, his business, his reputation, his worth and his wealth, the more and more was he mastered by fear, and regrets that he had not stayed the night at Grishkino dominated and mingled in all his thoughts.
I'm sorry for Bessy and her children,--I'm sure I think of 'em o' nights dreadful, for I sleep very bad wi' this new medicine,--but it's no use for me to think o' doing anything, if you won't meet me half-way.
He said something to me about Maggie, and then he said: 'I've always been good to my sister, though she married against my will, and I've lent Moss money; but I shall never think of distressing him to pay it; I'd rather lose it.