think wrong

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I think wrong shots especially from Younis and me that put us in a tough position but in the end it's a big advantage that the series is still 0-0, said Misbah.
Well you think wrong because travelling with McCombs makes the time fly.
You know that you are a good overseas player, but if you are not getting chances, it makes you think wrong.
I think wrong information penetrated the public space," she said.
He rejected the plea of both parents and teachers that the abdomen pain was caused by measles vaccination and there were some think wrong in it.
In general, conspiracy theorists think wrong with correct data.
He said something similar (to) 'law school makes you think wrong sometimes .
It is completely sorted out and this is, I think wrong to try to create this kind of illusion, where serious is going on," said Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
com)-- A person would think a western concept such as naturism or nudism would not be accepted in Asia, but they would think wrong.
We are paying more for less and the council think Joe Public are happy - well they think wrong.
They will surely try to get you to think wrong in this case.
I am a neighbourhood watch co-ordinator with a duty to report anything I think wrong, which is mostly petty stuff like vandalism or litter throwing ( and what do the police do?