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Breaking up commonplace perceptions of the social world as immutable and unchangeable, Hall acted on a repertoire of diagnostic skills that laid bare the stakes of each topic he addressed, giving culture and art a pivotal role in making future alternatives thinkable.
These people are deprived of every thinkable liberty you could imagine.
Such a sophisticated outcome was not remotely thinkable in the shocking vacuum in Afghan civil society in 2002 after the Nato-ISAF had invaded and taken over management of the shattered country after five years of Taliban rule, which followed decades of fighting, dating back to 1978.
Yet they ended the afternoon in fifth place, with even the previously flat-lined possibility of finishing fourth suddenly starting to become thinkable again.
Giroux issues a challenge to all "thinkers," but particularly to teachers and academics, to accept their public responsibilities of teaching the knowledge and skills, advocating for and providing the conditions, displaying the attitudes and moral imagination and indignation which make democracy even thinkable, perhaps even possible and more likely.
Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, adds, "Ramco is driving a move towards enabling a 'Digital Enterprise' and with Internet of Things becoming mainstream, we are using the tectonic shift in technology to drive business benefits in a manner not thinkable earlier.
Alongside the capital increase, the addition of a partner would be thinkable, for example a Middle East wealth fund," he told Austria's WirtschaftsBlatt.
Characterizing the North in one significant aspect is that it-is the primary seat of secularism--stemming from the Enlightenment and consequent divorce of throne and altar, such that it first became thinkable that one could live without explicit reference to a transcendent being or God and then became a way of life for increasingly large populations.
It would then also be thinkable that the offerings would not use up customers' data volumes.
Three draws against three serious contenders means that the notion of England failing to reach Brazil has moved from unthinkable to distinctly thinkable.
This is undoubtedly the best away run since the club entered the League in 1919 and would have barely thinkable last season when the Sky Blues managed a single paltry away win.
It is not thinkable to OK such arms exports to countries where conflict risks are high and where it could result in more deaths", the foreign ministry said in a statement.