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In the end, I plumped for the Brummie curry, thinking aloud that an expert from the Balti Triangle would be slaving away over a hot stove in the kitchen - someone heroically prepared to live up to the tried-and-tested 190-year-old Cadbury ethos of going a very long way to make a world class product.
Thinking aloud, she initially came up with Charlie Chaplin, which was a decent stab.
To me, my performance, if you really want to call it that, but to me it's just me on stage thinking aloud, well I'm sharing my experience, hope and strength with you," adds Dame Edna.
Among their topics are methodology, philosophical thoughts and thinking aloud allowed, form informing function in the Mereon 120/180, sharp distinctions to elegant curves in the core, asymmetrical with perfect symmetry, advances in the emergent science of cymatics, and an applied theory for human molecular genetics.
Sting, as if thinking aloud, spoke about his sadness at what had happened to Wallsend, a shipyard closing at one end of town and a pit closing at the other.
It's me thinking aloud and I can see it restricts freedom of choice, but I would like to see some fresh faces and ideas come forward.
The Prime Minister may be thinking aloud about how to put Bulgarians and Romanians off coming to Britain when the last restrictions on them working here come to an end in December a David Cameron chaired a ministerial working group this week to find ways of deterring them a but as far as the Bulgarian Ambassador, Konstantin Dimitrov, is concerned, he needn't bother.
Andrew has appeared on BBC 1's Live At The Apollo and is a regular on Channel 4's Stand Up For the Week and Alun will be offering thinking aloud, chats with the audience, and Cochrane style stand-up.
Yet Labour silence greeted Defence Secretary Philip Hammond thinking aloud on earlier returns.
When I began running early mornings in Tamil Nadu state, people looked on bemused with some thinking aloud that I must be a police officer.
I was thinking aloud with some colleagues about what was good in 2011, but I could hardly think of anything.