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De Bont could have been referring to the Queen Mary, or he might have been thinking back to the luxury liner from ``Speed 2,'' his last high-profile summer movie.
he said, thinking back to that night of decision four years ago in Heber City, Utah.
He said: "For the last last 10km I was thinking back to my childhood and my father leaving when I was a kid, and then growing up with mum.
Thinking back to a competition on this page last year, I think their songs include Papal Roses, The Altar Boys Are Back In Town, The Green Green Grass Of Rome, A Town Called Chalice, The Wonder Of Pew and Simply The Blessed.
When it starts happening three or four times in a ballgame, you start thinking back and recollecting,'' Little said.
Thinking back to why some of his friends gave up on their musical dream he joked: ``People start robbing banks or working in factories.
It's the longest night of young Thomas's life, as he stands watch over the battlefields of France in WWI, and he spends it thinking back on his life and trying not to think about the terrible event scheduled to take place at dawn.
Blyth boss Paul Baker, seething after what he described as an absolutely abysmal performance, warned some of the club's Cup-crazy followers today: "You must stop thinking back to 1978.
Still, I found myself thinking back to my first trip to Montreal, way back in January 1989.
Thinking back on it now, the section called "Five Young African American Poets" was quite exciting.