thinly scattered

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The few Mahometan families, thinly scattered about the villages in the interior, are afraid to taste meat of any kind.
At length these denizens of the swamps disappeared in their turn; smaller trees became thinly scattered among less dense thickets-- a few isolated groups detached in the midst of endless plains over which ranged herds of startled deer.
Here and there we passed a log hut: but the wretched cabins were wide apart and thinly scattered, for though the soil is very rich in this place, few people can exist in such a deadly atmosphere.
Money, dispensed with the most lavish hand, would be a poor recompense for sufferings like yours; and thinly scattered by hands so pinched and tied as ours, it becomes a miserable mockery.
Hooker, extend along the heights of the peninsula of Malacca, and are thinly scattered, on the one hand over India and on the other as far north as Japan.
Thereafter the moments of excitement were thinly scattered.
Meanwhile, the Natives remained thinly scattered, concealing themselves behind bushes of trees so that they were hard to see and shoot at.
Generally, though, TV's a desert with thinly scattered oases.
The white powder was thinly scattered over a perimeter of 10 to 25 centimeters, prefectural government officials said.
The majority of the contributions are from Africa and the Indian sub-continent with the rest thinly scattered, one each from Europe, China and western Asia.
Keegan's cause is not helped by the fact that Fulham's years in the wilderness coincided with the yuppification of the area around the Cottage's desirable riverside frontage, which left the club's support thinly scattered far and wide.
Sow seeds in a seed tray, either thinly scattered, or set individually.