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Individuals' stories suggest that, although not necessarily a primary goal, thinness may become important to people when already in the grip of an eating disorder.
Most eating disorder assessments reflect this desire for thinness and may overlook boys concerned about their weight and shape but who want to be more muscular.
Analysis shows that the heritability of thin idealization is 43%, meaning that almost half of the reason women differ in their idealization of thinness can be explained by differences in genetic make-up.
In this respect anorexia nervosa can be characterised by a pathological pursuit of thinness and an accompanying fear of weight gain, whereas muscle dysmorphia may be characterised by a pathological pursuit of muscularity and the accompanying fear of weight loss, with both disorders reportedly inclusive of pathological eating and exercise related practices (Murray et al.
We don't yet know whether brief exposure to pictures of larger women will change women's attitudes in the longterm, but our findings certainly indicate that showing more 'normal' models could potentially reduce women's obsession for thinness.
Prevalence of thinness was more in male students (about 23%) as compared to female students (about 16%).
In the extreme case of anorexia, family and social pathology together leave a person with almost no identity other than the endless quest for thinness.
This epidemic of worrying thinness in children is a recent one, and has been discovered through a year-long survey reported yesterday.
And their thinness allows for parts consolidation, saving space by combining functions in the same component.
With material this contrived, it's easy to understand why Carrey seems lost and Schumacher works overtime laying on the design to distract you from the thinness of the story.
It's compassionate to coerce individuals with eating disorders into treatment aimed at altering their potentially fatal pursuit of weight loss and thinness, comments psychiatrist Arnold E.
In response to the two-dimensional thinness of flashy billboard architecture, while recognising the necessity to compete with it, this was built as a hybrid showcase/shop-front.