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In the present study, thinness was found to be significantly associated with educational qualification of parents of adolescent girl but not socioeconomic status.
Surveys on the health consequences of extreme thinness are necessary for the female adolescent runners.
For this reason, it is expected that participants high in a traditional gender ideology scale will report more drive for thinness than those with lower scores.
Prior research has indicated that both the big five personality traits and the internalization of thinness norms are associated with eating attitudes in the general population.
If thinness is not necessarily a goal of people with eating disorders, then looking at online images of thin people is not an underlying cause of those conditions.
In this study, only the drive for thinness (DFT), bulimia (B) and body dissatisfaction (BD) subscales were analyzed.
What were the relationships between age and measurements of body dissatisfaction, drive for thinness, and bulimia?
In addition to this documented divergence, elevated rates of diagnostic crossover between the pathological pursuit of thinness and muscularity may exist, suggesting that this divergence is a fluid process.
Prevalence of thinness was more in male students (about 23%) as compared to female students (about 16%).
We also examined whether perfectionism, self loathing, and anger were associated with drive for thinness.
74) than the early adolescents; on comparing the BMI for age the prevalence of thinness was higher (56%) in lower adolescence (12-15 years) as compared to the higher age group adolescents.
What is new in The Religion of Thinness is Lewicas framing of weight issues within a discussion of spirituality.