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8g salt Thinnish base and only moderate amounts of pepperoni and medium-fat cheeses (edam and mozzarella), so fat, saturated fat and calories are the lowest.
For some reason it has been something that I have found difficult to do and I could do with having stronger legs but when you are a wiry, thinnish person, whilst someone once commented that I've got the type of legs you see in a paddling pool.
Perhaps the lack of reposo or the moderate altitude contributed to the main weakness of some of the Federation coffees: thinnish body and a lack of dimension or power.
For centuries artists have strived to interpret the look, but the enduring image is that of a tallish, thinnish, bearded man with, it has to be said, rather unkempt hair.
BACON: This is highly resistant to bacteria because it tends to be cooked in thinnish slices at very high temperatures.
On plan, both levels formed a long thinnish slot stretching back from the street to a narrow courtyard at the rear, overlooked by an undistinguished jumble of neighbouring buildings.
She has a good straight nose, a nice mouth, and relatively high cheekbones in a thinnish face.
It talks the talk with a great hop nose, but the thinnish body doesn't walk the walk.