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50 16 Third Dimension VVRECOMMENDED perm: 16 lines at €1 per line, a total stake of €16
For all these later models share the deficiencies of modernity; that is, they regard the university's third dimension as dispensable and, if maintained, as at best a supererogatory concession to a luxury admitted for purely sentimental reasons, namely as one expedient way to honor the university's premodern roots.
Aside from periods when the 1923 Constitution was temporarily replaced, Egypt might have come close to qualifying as a polyarchy/democracy except in terms of the Third Dimension, that is, the inability of the popularly elected Wafdist majorities effectively to govern in the face of monarchical and British domination.
For example, people who score low in this third dimension, ".
Frink: It should be obvious to even the most dimwitted individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology that Homer Simpson has stumbled into the third dimension.
Players begin their The Third Dimension experience with a fast-action, powerful movie introduction that highlights the program's special effects.
Measuring the ratio of polarized to unpolarized light for each part of a CME therefore provides the missing third dimension by giving the distance of that component from Earth.
If that's to happen, of course, it'll take more fun, eye-popping titles such as ``Encounter in the Third Dimension,'' which is opening today at the IMAX theater at the California ScienCenter museum in Exposition Park.
A collection of blockbuster 3D movie trailers is also included on the Actius RD3D, including nWave Pictures "3D Mania Encounter in the Third Dimension," "SOS Planet," "Alien Adventure" and "Haunted Castle.
The finding that the film has ripples but still can be described by existing theory suggests that the flow in the third dimension is suitably small.
With a combination of eye-popping computer-generated imagery and spectacular live action, nWave's second giant screen film, "3D Mania: Encounter In The Third Dimension," took audiences through the history of 3D cinema, from its origins to present-day applications.
The longer the laser dwells at a spot, the more deeply it etches the silicon, enabling the researchers to shape the part in the third dimension.