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Last year Lucid Enterprise's revenues were $820,000, and as thirstily as he fought to bring his dream to fruition, Halliman anticipates surpassing the $1 million mark for 2008.
Meanwhile, on a family holiday in the seaside resort of Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, a 16-year-old schoolgirl was thirstily gulping down a bottle of lemonade.
Goals are there for forwards," he maintained thirstily.
When she gave it water, the dog drank thirstily for ten minutes and was then sick.
Another is asked not to drink bottle of water, but gulps thirstily, all the time apologising for her actions.
amp; so I imagine him, staring out the hospital window at cloud-capped towers, gorgeous palaces, solemn temples, the great globe itself suffused with smoky late afternoon light, before furtively striking a match, sneaking a puff, drawing in thirstily its perfumed burn & in one long langorous breath blowing it back out the opened window where it lingers a moment palely hanging against the sky, an inverted fishhook, before dissolving ever-so-slowly into the element it came from, melting, melting into air, thin air.
It's the vampires of political correctness, who thirstily suck the blood out of any unsanctioned expression of fun.