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The DSN has a known anatomical and functional link to the long thoracic nerve (8,9,21) so EMS of the serratus anterior may be beneficial to DSN neuropathy although this has not previously been shown in the literature (12).
This abnormality, contrary to long thoracic nerve neuropathy, becomes more obvious when the arm is moved backwards, flexion at the elbow, and is less obvious when the elbow is positioned straight ahead.
The long thoracic nerve is anastomosed to the larger segment of the facial nerve.
One patient with meningitis exhibited apparent, isolated, long thoracic nerve weakness with scapular winging and shoulder abduction weakness but without additional limb involvement.
The major peripheral nerves include the antennular nerve and thoracic nerve roots [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED].
1] Other possible causes include musculoskeletal chest pain, pericarditis, pleural pain, thoracic nerve root pain and esophageal spasm.
According to Green (1988), electromyographic studies are necessary in order to differentiate CTS from thoracic nerve conditions or compression of the lower cervical nerve roots.