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This method of thoracoplasty induced great interest among all orthopedists and children's surgeons.
In case a postoperative collection of pus developed in the pleural cavity, (empyema), a thoracoplasty was carried out, removing long lengths of ribs three to nine, in order to reduce the size of the residual chest cavity.
She had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis, having undergone right upper lobe thoracoplasty at the age of 30 years.
She wants nothing to do with new words like pneumothorax and thoracoplasty.
Disorders associated with nocturnal hypoventilation Neuromuscular disorders Stable or slowly progressive Previous poliomyelitis High spinal cord injuries Spinal muscular atrophy Myotonic dystrophy Congenital myopathy Rapidly progressive disorders Motor neurone disease Chest wall abnormalities Kyphoscoliosis Post tuberculosis sequelae Thoracoplasty Obesity hypoventilation syndrome Lung disorders Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Cystic Fibrosis Overlap syndrome (lung disease with obstructive sleep apnea) Ventilatory control abnormalities Brainstem injuries: Stroke, infection, tumour Congenital central hypoventilation Primary alveolar hypoventilation Table II.
Effects on lung function of multiple expansion thoracoplasty in children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome: a longitudinal study.