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Ordinarily, these findings are observed in the apex of the thorax.
Significant differences were also found in the ratio of the heart width to thorax width (adults, 0.
We present a patient with SPE and septic arthritis since it is rarely seen and had demonstrative thorax CT findings during the follow up period.
Genetic studies of green thorax (gt) mutant: The mutant colour green thorax expressed in the late III instar persisted through larval and pupal stages.
This study provides data concerning fatty acid composition of PL and TG fractions prepared from whole-body and each of the threebody segments (head, thorax and abdomen) of adult specimens of Lertha extensa.
Harrison remains in an induced coma, having also suffered a thorax injury.
Due to the fact that the most serious injuries suffered by the pedestrian are head and thorax injuries and considering the regulations in force, these injuries are measured at the level of the pedestrian's head centre of mass (HIC), pedestrian's thorax centre of mass (TTI), the paper considered a height of 1,71 m for the coordinate of the head centre of mass and of 1,135 m for the coordinate of the thorax centre of mass (Rau, 2000).
What counts is not the absolute size of the waist girth but its size compared with a personal standard that depends on the width of the thorax at the bottom of the rib cage and the depth of the thorax at the sternum.
The chest wall was represented by 53 markers, attached to the ribs, vertebrae, thorax and abdomen of 15 male swimmers and of 15 non-athletes.
Greater protection of the pelvis and thorax areas required the creation of a new type of side airbag, the dual-chamber Pelvis-Thorax Airbag (PTAB).
Bellingham physical therapist Julie DePaul, PT, BCIA-PMDB, certified in biofeedback for pelvic floor dysfunction, recently attended the Visceral Manipulation Workshop for the Thorax, level 4.
Fully updated in terms of imagery, practice and literature, this edition is thumb-indexed for easy access to sections on the thorax, including CTs and MRIs on the heart in detail, pulmonary vessels and mammography, MR angiography of the abdomen including the renal artery, MRIs of the male and female pelvis, and MR angiography of the lower extremity.