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Speaking at the sitting, Stanishev, who was Bulgaria's PM 2005-9, proposed that the Socialists create a shadow cabinet to propose concrete and thoroughgoing alternatives to the policies of PM Boyko Borisov's cabinet.
Indeed, Ms Duflo and Mr Banerjee, perhaps more than some of their disciples, are able theorists as well as thoroughgoing empiricists.
You only have to read the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy to discover why Christianity has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death.
It is a thoroughgoing exploration of hybridity: The mixing of art and craft, of east and west, of public and private, of sacred and profane.
Antognazza's book provides a very rich and wide access to the intellectual development of Leibniz and she is convincing in her thoroughgoing striving to make the unity of his many different activities and ideas visible to us.
363-84, and Katharine Wiegele's Investing in Miracles (1995), no one has provided a reliable and thoroughgoing social-scientific study of their broad impact until now.
Helmut Friedel and Annegret Hoberg's oversize volume documents each of these turns in thoroughgoing texts by a group of expert contributors and in three hundred sumptuous color images.
People who have a severe, thoroughgoing consistency of view.
Grossman, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brings a thoroughgoing expertise in the legal, exegetical, ethical, social, and literary sources of medieval Jewish life to this systematic exposition of what can be surmised about that voiceless female half of medieval Jewry who left virtually no written documents of any kind.
Interface is a world leader in the production of modular carpet, and commands a thoroughgoing environmental ethic in all its operations.
A thoroughgoing reform of the security services is needed to assure all Iraqis - Sunni, Shiite, Kurd or whatever - that they will be protected as they go about their everyday lives.