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If Allen pulls off one thing in this book, it's thoroughness.
When she does her massage therapist a favor and takes on a wrongful death suit that is only two weeks shy of being time-barred from going forward, Nina thinks that with her characteristic thoroughness and determination, she might be able to keep the case alive and get some justice for the victim's family.
Sulzer compiles and describes with great thoroughness, but does not attempt a new master narrative, though many implicit sub-plots emerge.
Research based on denominational periodicals, both past and present; archival sources; and numerous secondary works demonstrates his thoroughness.
Though intended for Linux users who are already familiar with the software's basics, The Linux Enterprise Cluster walks one through projects and pitfalls step-by-step with the expected thoroughness of a No Starch Press manual.
The professionalism and thoroughness of her program is so useful when you get into the real life of animal communication,'' said Renee Bissonnette, a former workshop student from Montreal.
Noble, was praised for its thoroughness by a congressional sub-committee, by all major media and by an independent high-ranking oversight panel appointed by Treasury Secretary Bentsen.
The Commission says it "cannot sacrifice thoroughness for speed".
My developmental hierarchy of the intellectual virtues begins with the virtues of intellectual carefulness, such as single-mindedness, thoroughness, accuracy, and perseverance.
I would like to applaud the Commission for the thoroughness with which they undertook this critical task," said Commissioner Lancaster.
Additionally, thoroughness is vitally important to the internal investigative process.
The durability and biocompatibility of dental restoratives materials, however, may be affected by the thoroughness to which they polymerize and how much water they will absorb in the oral environment.